centre of excellence for high complexity, medium to high volume manufacturing

Interconics have been providing customer focused electronic manufacturing services since 1987. Their key focus is providing the highest capability in class through cutting edge automation and impeccable customer service.


Through continued research and investment into the latest electronics production equipment and techniques, Interconics have the very best in terms of automated PCB assembly capability in the UK, which is why they are the UK Yamaha demonstration centre.

An entirely automated surface mount PCB assembly line, including features such as in-line paste inspection, in-line laser marking, in-line 3D AOI and the only 3D AXI (automated x-ray inspection) in the UK contract electronics sector, Interconics are specialists in high quality, high technology electronic PCB (printed circuit board) assemblies. We have flexible delivery capabilities to decrease your time to market, from standard production requirements to ultra fast prototyping and anywhere in between.

“We set out to push beyond the current boundaries of commercial manufacturing, and are proud to have become Yamaha’s UK demonstration centre. We have worked together to find answers to our production challenges and feedback new knowledge that can help further improve their technology, as well as providing the very best capability to our customers. ”

Dave Weston, Chief Technical Officer

Our long standing partnerships with our customers is what sets us apart. We keep up to date with all of the market sectors that our customers operate in so we can build a stronger, better informed future together.


Interconics have been providing customer focused EMS and CEM services since 1987.