At Techpoint, we believe in long lasting partnerships, transparent relationships and acting with the utmost integrity.

Our companies reputation with its staff, customer, suppliers and other partners, depends upon this mature, modern and compliant approach. We want to become a role model of integrity within our industry, for others to follow and respect.

Acting with utmost integrity is a value shared among each group company, both before and since becoming part of the Vanilla group. A culture created by the original shareholders, maintained and promoted through new ownership.

Our commitment

  • To maintain long term partnerships with our customers, suppliers, partners, advisors, built on trust, transparency, added value, service and flexibility
  • We are fully committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service possible
  • You can be assured of always receiving a prompt and courteous response to your enquiries, complaints or queries
  • We will be honest, truthful and up front with you at all times and ensure that promises are kept
  • We are a learning company and will constantly invest in areas that need improvement