SUSTAINABILITY in the supply chain

Our reputation of a high service business extends beyond just customer service, but how we engage in sustainable supplier relationships and how we manage sustainability throughout the supply chain.

At Techpoint, we follow a thorough approach to how we manage dependable supply chains for the future, focussing on commercial sustainability, environmental sustainability and human rights.

Supplier Commercial sustainability

Sustainability requirements are clearly discussed and outlined within contracts and specifications, particularly our code of conduct for suppliers. Regular supplier review meetings with clear objectives and awareness for sustainability is raised. Suppliers are selected not simply on competitiveness but over a range of commercial and financial sustainability risks, where they are graded.

Where risk is identified, we look to work with suppliers and actively engage with them to improve performance.

Supplier Environmental sustainability

We work closely with suppliers and select those that share our environmental goals. We engage with them to proactively reduce the environmental impact on our supply chain through specific programs, from reusable packaging and consolidated shipments to localising and reducing transport miles.

Supplier Human Rights

We only work with those suppliers who offer equivalent working conditions as we offer at Vanilla. We pay particular attention to protecting those groups of people who, along our supply chain, are at particularly high risk of human rights abuses and continue to proactively monitor through onsite auditing of our global supplier base.