The world of contract electronics manufacturing and supply chain management has changed fundamentally over the past decade.

Everyday products have become vastly more populated with complex electronics, from electric vehicles, to 5G handsets, with both the volume of material’s and the diversity in technology every increasing. We move forward from a time of ‘general contractors’, with the new group strategy “Centres of excellence”. Techpoint will be a significant driver of this global supply chain transformation, accelerating its realignment from traditional electronics manufacturing service business, to a leading, global network of specialist “Centers of Excellence”. The guiding principle: the development of sustainable, connected, class leading service businesses, providing manufacturing and supply chain solutions for the future.

“The electronics manufacturing market has a bright future. With its innovative business model, ambitious growth strategy and innovative approach in new technologies, Vanilla is paving the way in the future of electronics manufacturing.”

Group Chairman Dan Croft

Strong, independent businesses will continue to focus on their own core competencies, without distraction. Leaders in their own focussed expertise, offering exceptional customer service and always investing in future technologies.

At the same time, Techpoint’s core offer – providing an end-to-end supply chain and manufacturing service – will remain at the forefront of our ongoing acquisition strategy, as we add businesses with complimentary core strengths and regional advantages.

With global revenues from the electronics manufacturing services market expected to double by 2028 to US$456.38 billion, the prospects are promising. Techpoint will outperform this potential via its ambitious, modern outlook and superior capability.